When snow season arrives, City crews, residents and businesses need to work together to manage challenging winter weather conditions.

The Providence Public Works Department is responsible for clearing snow and ice on more than 370 miles of City-maintained roads in the City of Providence.

City of Providence Snow Facts

  • Over 60 pieces of equipment are available for every storm, including plows, tractors, snow blowers, loaders and pickup trucks. For the more significant storms the City will hire outside vendors to supplement the snow plowing and removal effort.
  • Materials and equipment are housed at locations around Providence , but mostly at Public Works and Roger Williams Park..
  • Public Works replenishes supplies after every storm.

Click on the thumbnails below to download Providence's Snow Ready flyer, read more about the City's snow and ice removal policies, and get tips on how you can prepare for winter weather:

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How We Plow

  1. The first priority for city crews during and immediately after a snowfall is to clear priority roads, including major arterial streets, bus routes, bus stops, and roads that access fire stations and hospitals.
  2. The second priority is to clear collector streets and routes leading to schools.
  3. Once conditions have been stabilized on first- and second-priority routes, crews will begin to clear local streets. Local streets are not plowed immediately during a snow event. In the event of continual snowfall, it may take longer than usual for plows to reach local streets as first- and second-priority streets will require additional attention.

Collection Services During a Snow Event
In the event of hazardous road conditions due to snow and ice, it may be necessary to suspend garbage, recycling and green waste collection in some or all parts of the City.

  • Garbage Collection: If your garbage collection is missed, then crews will attempt to make the collection the following collection day or as soon as possible. Please ensure that your containers are not buried in snow.
  • Note: If your garbage/recycling is normally collected from the street, do not place your garbage cans and recycling containers on the road. Keep them on the sidewalk or boulevard and remove them as soon as possible after they have been emptied.
  • Recycling Collection: If recycling collection is missed, crews will attempt service the following day or as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience during a snow event as City crews work to keep streets clear and safe. Get more information about Providence snow policies from our FAQ section.

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