Deadline for Providence Homeowners to Reapply for Homestead Tax Exemption Extended to April 6
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Deadline for Providence Homeowners to Reapply for Homestead Tax Exemption Extended to April 6

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
Because of changes to the ordinance governing the City of Providence's homestead exemption, every Providence homeowner is required to reapply this year for the exemption. Due to the large number of applications still outstanding, the Office of the Tax Assessor has extended the reapplication deadline to Friday, April 6, 2012.

Homeowners who do not reapply for the homestead exemption by the extended April 6 deadline risk not being able to claim the exemption. Homeowners who have already reapplied for the exemption do not have to do anything more.

Homestead applications have been mailed to all eligible homeowners. Applications can also be downloaded from the city's website, at, or picked up at the Tax Assessor's Office on the second floor of Providence City Hall.

Legislation passed by the City Council last year requires all Providence residents who claim the homestead tax exemption to register their vehicle at the same address. The new measure protects homeowners who live in Providence from subsidizing the exemption for landlords or for those who own a home in Providence but live elsewhere.

Providence homeowners who have not yet reapplied for the homestead must submit their application to the Tax Assessor's Office along with the following documentation:
  • Proof that they have registered their motor vehicle(s) at the address for which they are claiming the exemption. Homeowners must provide a copy of their vehicle registration AND one of the following: a copy of their Rhode Island driver's license OR proof of homeowner's insurance at that address OR proof of automobile insurance. Homeowners who do not own a vehicle must state so on the Homestead Exemption Eligibility form.

Completed applications, along with the necessary supporting documentation can be mailed or delivered by hand to the following address:

City Assessor's Office
25 Dorrance Street, Room 208
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Homeowners who choose to mail their application to the Assessor's Office must include a self-addressed stamped envelopment so the Assessor's Office can provide a record of the stamped application.

Providence homeowners who have questions about the reapplication process are asked to contact the City Assessor's Office at 401-421-5900.

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