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Clerk of the Council | City Hall

Lori L. Hagen - City Clerk
Tina L. Mastroianni, First Deputy City Clerk
Sheri A. Petronio - Second Deputy City Clerk

The City Clerk's Department is the official repository for all ordinances, resolutions and official documents related to the government of the City of Providence. The department is responsible for the authenticity of all legal documents.

The City Clerk operates under the auspices of the City Council. This department is responsible for maintaining and recording all votes, orders, resolutions and ordinances made and passed by the City Council as well as those of its subcommittees, and meetings of the retirement board. Furthermore, the City Clerk furnishes the heads of departments and the chairmen of all committees of the City Council with certified copies of such votes or resolutions as they relate to their respective departments or committees.

In addition, the City Clerk collects and presents to the City Council all petitions concerning abandonments and easements, personal injury and automobile or property damage, as well as certificates of Assumed Business Name and Going Out of Business.

Reports + Publications

FY2015-2016 Adopted Budget Ordinances

Levy Ordinance
Appropriation Ordinance
Compensation Ordinance
Classification Ordinance
School Appropriation Ordinance
School Compensation Ordinance
School Classification Ordinance

Providence Zoning Ordinance
Comprehensive Plan Ordinance

FY 2015 Adopted Budget - Expenditures & Revenues
FY 2015 Adopted Budget Ordinances

FY 2014 Adopted Budget - Expenditures & Revenues
FY 2014 Adopted Budget Ordinances

Report Re: Entertainment Licensing & Nightclub Safety

City Budget Ordinances

Appropriation Ordinance 2012-2013

Classes of Positions 2012-2013

Compensation Ordinance 2012-2013

Levy Ordinance (taxes) 2012-2013

Comprehensive Plan

Pension Reform Ordinance approved by the Mayor and City Council on April, 30, 2012

Pension Reform Ordinance

Mobile Charter

Mobile Code of Ordinances

Tobacco Ordinances

Flavored Tobacco Ordinance

Tobacco Pricing Ordinance

Vendor Registration + Ban on Loosies Ordinance

Approved Budget Ordinances

Appropriation Ordinance 2011-2012

Compensation Ordinance 2011 -2012

Classes of Positions 2011-2012

Levy Ordinance Amendment 2011-2012

Supplemental Ordinances

Apportionment of Taxes Ordinance

Financial Reporting Requirements Ordinance

Annual Budget Requirements & Oversight Ordinance

Annual Audit Ordinance

Approved Contracts

Local 1033 Contract 2011 - 2012

Local 1033 Contract 2012 - 2015

AFT Local 958 Teachers Contract 2011-2014

Local 799 Firefighters Contract 2011-2013

Local 799 Firefighters Contract 2013-2016

Lodge #3 Police Contract 2007-2015

Approved Budget Ordinances

Appropriation Ordinance 2010-2011

Classes of Positions 2010-2011

Compensation Ordinance 2010 -2011

Levy Ordinance Amendment 2010-2011

Additional Approved Ordinances 2010 - 2011

Lobbyist Ordinance
Lobbyist Registration Rules and Regulations

Honorable Service Amendment

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